Professional Tribe Qualifications

Please note that our B2B tribe is our Business to Business tribe for business owners and sales leaders. This tribe has its own events and does not attend TribeRetreat.

CFO: full-time, internal CFO for one organization which does not sell into the CFO space

CMO: full-time internal CMO or VP of Marketing for one organization with no other title. No service providers for the CMO space.

COO: full-time, internal Chief Operating Officer of one organization with no other title (is not the owner).

CTO: full-time CTO or CIO for one organization with no other title (is not the owner).

EVENT EXECUTIVES: corporate event director for one organization with no other title, company cannot be an outsource service provider.

HR EXECUTIVES: Executive Level HR leader for one organization that is not an outsource service provider.

GENERAL COUNSEL: full-time, internal General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer OR Deputy General Counsel for one organization, holding no other title and may not be a consultant from a law firm retained by an organization for legal services.

INVESTOR: accredited investor with $250 annual income OR $1 million in net worth

RESTAURANT & RETAIL: owner or member of the executive team for a Restaurant or Retail Store.

TECH: CEO or owner of a technology company

TRAINING EXECUTIVES: internal corporate trainer for a large corporation who plays a central role in leadership, development and content design. May not be a consultant; at least 50% of job is spent designing or implementing training for the corporation.

WELLNESS: owner or manager of Holistic Wellness Practice in the following modalities: Acupuncture, Acupressure, Alternative and Integrative Medicine, Chiropractic Healing, Doula, Emotion Code/Mental Health, Essential Oils, Energy Healing, Food & Nutrition
Functional Medicine, Health Coach, Homeopath, Hypnosis, Integrative Medicine, Massage, Midwifery, Meditation, Naturopath, NLP/Self-Health, Pilates, Supplements, Wellness or Medispa, Yoga.

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